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We are recruiting

Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Canjia Zhai
B.S / M.S. Peking University
Ph.D. University of Notre Dame 

Postdoc University of Maryland

Graduate Students

Chengkai Xu

B.S. Chemistry, Zhejiang University

Alexander Mariscal

B.S. Chemistry, University of South Florida

Dexin Liu

B.S. Applied Chemistry, Shenyang Agricultural University
M.S. Organic Chemistry, Wuhan University
M.S. Chemistry, Mississippi State University

Ipsita Maji 

B.S. Chemistry, Vidyasagar University, India 

M.S. Chemistry, National Institute of Rourkela, India 

Undergraduate Students

Quy Tran

Ethan Zulueta

Haden Fisher

Sandra Mampilly

Luzelena Sagal

Tobias Colmegna

Jay Conces

Members Emeriti

Thao Nguyen

Carson Doan

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