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General small molecule design and synthesis

Solid phase peptide synthesis


  • Thermodynamic and kinetic study of intermolecular complexes: NMR, ITC, fluorescent, UV/Vis and stopped flow method

  • Photo physical characterization: Absorption, circular dichroism, fluorescence, quantum yield, photo stability, singlet oxygen generation

  • Molecular modeling: Semi empirical and DFT calculation

  • Crystal structure: Hirshfeld surface analysis

  • Electrochemical analysis: Cyclic voltammetry

  • Imaging: Optical microscope, TEM, SEM, AFM

  • Polymer analysis: GPC, DLS

  • Rheology

Software and programs

  • Data and graph processing:  OriginLab, ChemDraw, Prism Graph Pad, MestReNova, Image J, Photoshop, Maya, Keynote, Microsoft Office, Mendeley

  • Molecule modeling and calculation: Gaussian09, ORCA, MOPAC, GaussView, Chimera, VMD, Mercury, Avogadro

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